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elcome to the third generation of Variety Vista.  The look and feel remain the same, but the content has been updated.  It still features all the die variety categories including design varieties, mintmark styles, and the ever popular doubled die, and repunched mintmark varieties.  The site is also home to the CONECA Master Listing of Die Varieties (CML), which places all your variety information in one convenient location.  Now for the first time we are offering free online access to a few of our smaller E-Books.  Click on the colored buttons to the right.

2015-P Nebraska Quarter DDRs
Now a New Online E-Book Option

CONECA proudly presents our newest online E-Book for the 2015-P Nebraska Quarter DDRs.   Just click on the colored button on the right.  We currently have 92 DDRs listed with several more in process.  If you don't see yours listed please drop us an email.  We would love to get yours listed in the CONECA files.


"Hot Lips" Dimes Now Considered Die Clashes by CONECA Variety Attributer, James Wiles

Originally attributed as doubled dies by John Wexler and published by Ken Potter in Numismatic News, "hot lips" dimes were subsequently cataloged as doubled dies by CONECA as well.  I had questions initially but was willing to agree with other attributers and list them as DDOs, until more information surfaced.  It wasn't long until several additional specimens from varying dates and die states were reported.  It was discovered that all had die clash marks and when overlays were made, the reverse design matched the doubled areas.  I have now seen enough examples for me to conclude that the doubling is most likely the result of die clashing/abrasion and not from a doubled die.  Other attributers are re-evaluating their positions.  I remain open, but until I see an example without die clashing, I am no longer listing them in the CONECA Die Variety files.  In fact, those that had been listed, have now been removed.  See my study notes, overlays, and photos here.


First Jefferson Nickel DDR from the Past Decade Reported

Until this week, the most recent date for a Jefferson nickel DDR was 2005.  After a 10 year absence, a newly dated Jefferson nickel DDR has been reported.  Jay Dunn sent in his 2015-P nickel for attribution as a possible new listing.  His efforts were well rewarded.  Not only is it a new listing, it is the first to be reported on the new reverse design, which went into production in 2006.  You can see additional photos here.  A second die has now been reported.  You can see it here.


Major Mercury Dime DDO Discovered

After almost 100 years of circulation, an Obverse doubled die has been reported on the 1919 dime.  The doubled die was reported by Jeffrey Sam.  It has made its way around the die variety attributers and is now listed in all their files.  CONECA lists it as DDO-001, 1-O-IV+VIII.  It will even have a CPG listing!  How this DDO has missed being reported before now has perplexed everyone who has seen it.  At this time only 2 have been reported.  Will yours be the third?  You can see the full entry here or view it in the Mercury Dime E-Book.  Just click on the colored button in the right hand column.


Detailed Study of the 1914/3 Buffalo Underway

Several Researches are attempting to resolve the decade old controversy surrounding the 1914/3 Buffalo Nickel.  Is it a legitimate overdate?  Or is it damage to a working hub?  We are in need of MS specimens to photograph, particularly of  the 2 dies which show what appears to be the bar of the 3 through the upper 4 of the date.  Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.  You can find information on this current study here and here and in the Buffalo Nickel E-Book.


Lincoln Cents Still Needed for Better Photos

I have compiled a list of Lincoln Cent RPMs I would like to re-photograph.  Please check the list and if you can help, send me an email.  You will have my appreciation and I am sure that of all Lincoln Cent collectors.  Additionally, here is a list of the Lincoln Cent Wheat & Memorial Doubled Dies I would like to re-photograph.


Doubled Die Numbering System Uncoded!

After numerous requests to explain what the CONECA doubled die numbering system means, I have prepared a page describing each element.  Please take a moment to read through it and offer any suggestions for how it can be explained in simpler terms or ask any further questions you may have.  You can get to it through the Doubled Dies page or by clicking here.

You can email me at


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