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elcome to the sixth generation of Variety Vista. The look and feel remain the same, with a few tweaks to make the pages uniform and the E-Books consistent from book to book.  The content has been completed. You will still find all the die variety categories including design varieties, mintmark styles, and the ever popular doubled die, and RPM varieties, and they continue to be located in the Free Online E-Books. Just click on the colored buttons below.

On November 23, 2020 my attribution and publishing agreement with CONECA concluded, and CONECA has declined to renew it. Therefore, I have transferred control of the CONECA Master Listing of Die Varieties back to the club. Rest assured that Variety Vista is not going anywhere. 

I have SUSPENDED my attribution services for the foreseeable future.  You can have your coins examined and attributed by the new CONECA attributers. 
Simply post your photos and questions on the CONECA forum at http://board.conecaonline.org/index.php.

Check out the newest Commemorative DDOs
2019-P Apollo 11 $1 DDO-001 (Business Strike).
2019-P Apollo 11 $1 DDO-002 (Proof).

P.S. I continue to offer a wide assortment of die varieties from all denominations at some of the lowest prices you will find anywhere.
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Lincoln Cents
Doubled Dies

LWC Doubled Dies 1909-1958

LMC Doubled Dies 1959-1996

LC Doubled Dies 1996-2008

LC Doubled Dies 2009

LC Doubled Dies 2010-2020


LWC RPMs 1909-1958

LMC RPMs 1959-1989

Buffalo Nickels

Buffalo Nickels

Jefferson Nickels
Doubled Dies

JN Doubled Dies 1938-1959

JN Doubled Dies 1960-2003

Westward Journey 2004-5

JN Doubled Dies 2006-2020


JN RPMs 1938-1989
Mercury Dimes

Mercury Dimes

Roosevelt Dimes

Roosevelt Dimes

Standing Liberty Quarters

Standing Liberty Quarters

Washington Quarters

Washington Quarters 1932-44

Washington Quarters 1945-98

States Quarters

DC & Territories

America the Beautiful
Liberty Walking Halves

Liberty Walking Halves

Franklin Halves

Franklin Halves

Kennedy Halves

Kennedy Halves

Eisenhower Dollars

Eisenhower Dollars

Susan B. Anthony Dollars

SBA Dollars

Golden Dollars

Sacajawea & Presidential

What Are Die Varieties?

What Are Die Varieties?
Published 5/17/2011

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