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Vol. 2: 1959-1989
1962-D RPMs
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1962-D RPM-001
D/D East

1962-D RPM-002
D/D East

1962-D RPM-003
D/D/D South, North

1962-D RPM-004
D/D Northwest

1962-D RPM-005
D/D South

1962-D RPM-006
D/D/D West, East

1962-D RPM-007
D/D North

1962-D RPM-008
D/D North

1962-D RPM-009
D/D North

1962-D RPM-010
D/D North

1962-D RPM-011
D/D North

1962-D RPM-012
D/D North

1962-D RPM-013
D/D East

1962-D RPM-014
D/D North

1962-D RPM-015
D/D Rotated CCW

1962-D RPM-016
D/D West

1962-D RPM-017
D/D/D North, East

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