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Doubled Die Book
Vol. 3: 1996-2008
2006 1c DDO-006, 6-O-VI
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Die Stage Chart
Description: Medium extra thickness on date, beard, and back of head.
Reported by: Dennis Fisher

Stage B Photos
Date 20 of Date 06 of Date
Back of Head Ear Chin
Die Chip on Forehead Die Crack from upper E of ONE Die Crack from C of CENT
Die Chips on Columns
Die Stage and Markers Chart
Die Stages and Markers
UVC-2814 DMR-009 Stage A: EDS (unconfirmed)
Stage B: Die chip on upper front of forehead – EMDS
Small die chip on upper columns # 1 and 2 – EMDS
Light die crack East from upper E of ONE
Light die crack from lower Left C of CENT to rim
Stage C: MDS (unconfirmed)
Stage D: LDS (unconfirmed)

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