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by James Wiles, Ph.D.

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agle-eye cherrypicker Timothy Wissert has reported the first known mint state Sans Serif mintmark style on the 1946-S Roosevelt Dime.

The Trumpet Tail and Ball Serif mintmark styles have been known on the 1946-S dimes for years, but the Sans Serif mintmark style was thought to have been first placed on the dime in 1947.  A couple of years ago Gene Bruder reported an XF specimen and not long afterward a VF specimen surfaced.  Recently a second VF was reported.  If you have a specimen in your collection, let us know.  Also the Ball Serif is unknown combined with the ODV-002 design.

1946-S ODV-001 MMS-001 Ball Serif

1946-S ODV-001 MMS-002 Trumpet Tail

1946-S ODV-001 MMS-003 Sans Serif (unknown)

1946-S ODV-002 MMS-001 Ball Serif (unknown)

1946-S ODV-002 MMS-002 Trumpet Tail

1946-S ODV-002 MMS-003 Sans Serif (Very Rare)



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We are placing extensive materials on mintmark styles in our next E-Book, What Are Die Varieties? which is currently underway.  Look for it soon!


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